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Fresenius Medical Care wins CIO 100 Award for novel tool to predict intradialytic hypotension

The Renal Research Institute (RRI) and Fresenius Medical Care’s Digital Technology and Innovation (DTI) team developed a secure, high frequency data pipeline that collects real-time data from dialysis machines and medical sensors at clinics across the United States. In recognition of this project, Fresenius Medical Care has won the prestigious CIO 100 Award.
Fresenius Medical Care was recognized for its groundbreaking efforts to develop a tool designed to[CJ1]  predict intradialytic hypotension (IDH) before it occurs in hemodialysis patients. IDH is a frequent and difficult to predict complication of long-term hemodialysis that can lead to serious clinical outcomes, including death.
“This is a true example of partnership, collaboration, and teamwork, and we are proud that our commitment to bring it to the next level of these exciting technologies could result in a better care experience for our patients and, most importantly, improve quality of life and patient outcomes,” said Franklin W. Maddux, MD, Global Chief Medical Officer of Fresenius Medical Care.
The idea was initially conceived by Peter Kotanko, MD, FASN, Head of Biomedical Evidence Generation and RRI, and Hanjie Zhang, Director of Biostatistics and Applied AI/Machine Learning at RRI. Their team then closely collaborated with DTI to develop the technology.
The tool is designed to increase data flow to facilitate machine learning and cloud computing with the intent of developing a real-time IDH prediction for patients. Our goal is that this tool may allow clinic teams to use the information to tailor treatment plans and proactively intervene at the point of care with the goal of attempting to prevent IDH, potentially improving patient morbidity and mortality.
“Technological innovation and conducting thorough clinical research for improving patient outcomes is exactly what we strive to achieve as a company,” said Dr. Kotanko. “We are dedicated to building a better future for our patients and further developing the field of renal research to enhance the spectrum of comprehensive renal services for all who endure chronic kidney disease.”
The CIO 100 Awards celebrate 100 organizations and their teams dedicated to using innovative information technology to deliver business value, whether by creating competitive advantage, optimizing business processes, enabling growth, or improving relationships with customers. Because it is given to companies and not individuals, it is an acknowledged mark of enterprise excellence.
“I am excited to see such cutting-edge data science researched in the critical area of kidney care,” said Stuart McGuigan, Chief Information Officer of Fresenius Medical Care. “Receiving recognition for our achievements as a company is a great honor, and I am proud to be part of a team that values improving technology to help us care better for our patients.”
DISCLAIMER: The IDH tool has not been used with patients and is not cleared for use by the FDA.


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