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Renal Research Institute Reschedules Annual Conference to Provide Renal Community With Immediate Access to Latest COVID-19 Kidney Care Science and Knowledge

Renal Research Institute’s 23rd International Conference on Dialysis - Advances in Kidney Disease is rescheduled for April 20-23, 2021, but acknowledges the renal community has immediate access to the latest COVID-19 kidney care science and knowledge via online platforms.
New York, March 18, 2021 – While the Renal Research Institute (RRI) has rescheduled its 23rd international conference, set to now take place April 20 – 23, 2021, it has made available critical new science and knowledge regarding COVID-19 and its impact on kidney care via an enhanced online education experience.
Presented by Amedco, LLC., Columbia University and The Renal Research Institute, the Renal Research Institute’s 23rd International Conference on Dialysis - Advances in Kidney Disease, was rescheduled from its January date in recognition of the international medical community’s COVID-19 healthcare priority, and the global focus on administering vaccinations.
This year’s virtual forum highlights the most current and innovative scientific insights and developments in nephrology, sharing knowledge from industry leaders worldwide.
In support and solidarity, RRI is also providing the renal community with most current knowledge related to COVID-19 and its impact on kidney care, to be presented at the conference, in advance, on a complimentary basis on the new RRI YouTube Channel, available now.
“RRI values the contributions all clinicians bring to patients around the world,” says Dr. Peter Kotanko, Research Director of the Renal Research Institute. “Rescheduling this year’s virtual conference to April is the right move to ensure we support clinicians and caregivers currently focused on COVID-19.”
RRI welcomed 2021 with an updated branding identity, as well as its first-ever social media channels.
Healthcare audiences can follow Renal Research Institute on these platforms:
The YouTube video series offers a total of nine videos that provide access to selected speakers, panel
By the time nephrologists, renal researchers, and kidney experts from across the globe tune in to the 2021 three-day virtual event, they will have already had online access to research and expertise from an influential presenter lineup from leading organizations that includes Columbia University, Harvard Medical School, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Yale University and Vanderbilt University. In all, 400 of the world's physicians, nurses, fellows, researchers, and scholars, representing more than nine different countries, will discuss the most current scientific insights in nephrology. This year’s conference offers three tracks: pediatric nephrology; general nephrology; and nurse care.
An on-demand library of the virtual conference will provide the benefit of material, background, and informational sessions to ensure attendees are best equipped to join and engage with speakers and other thought leaders and experts from all over the world, in live Q&A sessions. The online library, conference, and Q&A will remain available on-demand until Dec. 31, 2021.
The 2021 virtual conference format also offers participants access to an online exhibition hall to engage virtually with industry leaders and partners by visiting online booths and exploring valuable showcased material and information.


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